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The Ghost Of Fudge

DMFS on Fat Hippy Sampler II

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We recently busied ourselves laying down a track for the second Fat Hippy Records sampler which is OUT NOW!

We've contributed a brand new version of one of our most popular tunes, the ever-mighty rock ballad Stars. We're calling it the 'acoustic version', but that might not be entirely accurate...


1. rachie makes her deadloss singing debut on this track!

2. paul denero (Captain Tom's engineer) plays drums and tambourine!

3. the 'angelic' vocals were recorded in 1.2 takes!

4. we didn't really know what we were doing!

5. hangovers were very much present and in abundance!

6. binky turned up to play bass as we were mixing the track!

7. there's a box of fabulous percussion just sitting there in the studio, begging to be abused!

8. there's a 12-string acoustic guitar on there somewhere!

9. err, we have a gig in the moorings next sat (16th dec)!

See fathippyrecords.co.uk for further details.

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That's a rare(in the false sense of the word) version of the song!

One of my favourites on the sampler. I think the cello and the vocals make it for me.

Good een!

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Guest bluesxman

It's the best thing on the CD. However I can't hear much in the way of drums. The cello is ace. The singing is impressively restrained and tuneful. Good work!

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