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THE ACID TEST wt Neil Landstrumm LIVE Dec 22nd PELICAN

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Starting his professional career in 1994 Neil has released music on several international electronic labels and also worked in the motion graphics field with MTV, Rockstar Games and The Magnificents. To date Landstrumm has released 5 Experimental Electronic albums, 1 Art-Rock-Blues-Beat album, several 12" singles and remixes on labels ranging from Peacefrog, Tresor, Sonic Groove Mosquito, to his own imprint, Scandinavia. Neil has collaborated with Cristian Vogel, Si Begg, Mike Fellows, Bill Youngman and Tobias Schmidt the best know of which is Sugar Experiment Station.

He is native to Scotland but has recently spent 6 years living in New York soaking up Brooklyn and Queens best in lifestyle, culture and music.

2006 sees Neil at the head of a successful creative factory called Scandinavia producing and releasing music, motion graphics and television Ids and a print-based clothes label. New and uncharted music territories are currently being navigated.

Essentially a live artist, Neil has built his reputation on uncompromising live performances world wide with shows most recently at Unit?Tokyo, Rex-Paris, Tresor-Berlin and Electrowerkz-London.

Bass-Tech beats, Grime, Electro-Techno, Broken-Beat, Miami bass, beat throw downs or dirty swing style-lets stop the pigeons with their holes and get on with the real deal.. Landstrumm creates his classic stomach pumping bass, metallic and melodic clangs and odd funky percussive swing lines live and in full effect. Whistle crew where are you?

This isn't some laptop-noodle performance. It's live electronics at it's very best.

Gallerie Schmallerie along with Moosh! Marketing are pleased to announce that to accompany this outstanding underground music event a 3D VJ set is being presented accompanied by free 3D specs and Laughing Gas.

All this For 6!

The Pelican Club is situated inside the Hotel Metro (basement level) on Market Street, Aberdeen.

This is a multi media event and the use of Stroboscopic lighting and effects means those who suffer from epilepsy or heart conditions should excercise caution.

Enjoy the Trip!

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Is it safe?

isnt the fungus slippy?

does it still smell of piss?

will jimmy have long enough to grow an affro?


yeah it's safe - I've been doing the shake and vac and the fungus are magic!

Come along on the 22nd and you'll have a ball - the dude uses a sixteen channel mixer to process all his equiptment... this really isn't your usual IDM laptop gig!

IT"S A PARTY!!! :jester:

download his tunes here:




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Ok so you want to trip but not risk taking acid or mushies - here's what to do:

when one hallucinates it's because the brain is producing alpha waves - these can be replicated by facing, with your eyes closed, lights strobing at the correct frequency. A guy called Brion Gysen knew this and set about making an object called he called the "dream machine". It's essentially a piece of of tubing with apertures cut into it with a light source in the center and a revolving base. It can be made at home and fitted on top of a record turntable. It really works! In honour of this visionary pioneer (see what I did there???) Scurvy will be creating a dream machine and a giant kaleidescope - these interactive sculptures will aid and enhance the visual experience of party goers and maybe change the way you see the world (sorry puns are like scag to me).

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