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DESALVO...brutally chaotic metal molestation...!!

for those who dont know....

Desalvo were formed in 1999 with members from ex p.h. family, stretchheads and fretlin...and since then guitarist Allan Stewart joined Idlewild. all the band members had the same ideas which was to try to blend all the styles of all the band members tastes of metal, complex rock, proto punk, and prog rock to name a few ideas that they all wanted to experiment with. the idea was to start a song in one place and to end it in a totally different place, with consideration to all tastes if possible within context...

here's a wee review of the BROWN FLAG 2 track demo....

As was explained before brutality with a little bit of grey matter makes things all the more unpleasant. Presumably named after Boston strangler Albert DeSalvo this is the ultimate in ultra disturbing hardcore. Like a lot of the Touch and Go set this is as off-beat, abstract and discordant as you would expect but DeSalvo take it to the heaviest degree possible. If The Jesus Lizard collaborated with Sepultura it could sound something like this. Redolent of David Yow at his most tormented vocals shriek and squall manipulated like an instrument before men evolved a proper language.

The bridge from the delightfully named Cock Swastika attacks like a bombing run; a scream of jets and then several substantial booms. At one point theres even a twisted drug rush of melody only cranked up to about 11, naturally. DeSalvo are one the most genuinely sick sounding bands that proves that heaviness and abstraction can make for a formidable partnership.

go check them out at www.myspace.com/desalvoland

this will be taking place at....




other top supports/price tbc...keep yer eyes peeled

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you will also be able to buy the debut TAKE A WORM album on Midmarch Records at this gig...here's a wee preview of what to expect...

About as subtle as a knife to the face, as grating as feeding your hand into a mincer, take a worm for a walk week thrust their riffs down your throat, then scream them into your bowels. Tech as fuck, fast and hard, mixing the intensity of eyehategod with the speed of agoraphobic nosebleed, and almost Jacob Bannon esce vocals. Hailing from Glasgow , featuring ex-members of Torqamada, their self-titled album weighs in with 13 tracks.

were also recently featured in Rocksound, with a track on the free cd....



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Controversial statement indeed.

well i thought id get a better rise than that from someone!! i say lets reserve judgement until after the event...lets see how many 'yas mins' it gets!!

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