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hahaha - only kidding.

Was working all evening - T.Oed i missed Welfare Mothers. Only managed to catch Karrta - here what i have to say - it might be a little short but im tired so fuck you:


Set List:

Intro (Instrumental)

She Bought a car to Trash


Crazy Years

Henry got Cancer

Two minutes Hate

aye - ive just been getting a bit more into the 'post-rock', 'weird rock' stuff.....i'd put Karrta under that title - its a good thing.

They opened with this long winded Instrumental intro - it went on a minute ir so longer than i could handle but the drummer Martin is SOLID AS FUCK! My god he can pound those skins. The Karrta stage is very busy - i like that - lots of stuff going on - everyone has their own jitter, twitch, sway, head bop...ect - its nice to see that - interesting to watch - all 6 memeber look like they are having a good time! All the songs got my feet boppin' and my head knockin' - really enjoyable. Their sound is so tight and vocals even better! i remembered RMTC & Henry got Cancer from the demo i have - and they had a nice honesty about them live - its good that a band can make their songs take on a whole new character from the recordings to their live show.....I really cant say much more except that Karrta are the most interesting, tight, original band ive seen/heard come from Aberdeen for as long as i can think back....Great Banter, Great Band.

9/10 overall performance...

please feel free to give your opinions on Karrta and all the bands i missed tonight.


Stewart xx

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wow! thanks!

the intro is actually part of she bought a car to trash and not a stand alone instrumental although everyone thinks it is.

we had a great time though it was perhaps one of our shoddier performances although not necessarily through bad playing. my mike falling down onto the keyboard during crazy years, me clunking phils mike with me guitar right at the end of crazy years, and of course phil's amp cutting out at the worst possible time during the last bit of two minutes hate.

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Guest bluesxman

Thanks for the kind words Stew. That song seems to be cursed, that's equipment failure of some description at the last 2 gigs during it. Oh well.

I already posted this in the Dizzy Storm section but it's my thoughts on the other bands -

Welfare Mothers are fantastic, great slide guitar work. Made me think of a band called Acetone that I used to listen to a lot but I bet if I dig out my Acetone CD's later they sound nowt like them...

Serfs meandered a bit in the middle but mostly it was really good, reminded me of 'Live In A Shark Cage'-era Papa M a bit.

I Had An Inkling sounded nothing like the song I listened to on My Space, but I could tell I would enjoy them hearing the soundcheck. Solid playing, again it meandered at times but when they locked into a groove it was very good.

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Guest idol_wild

Thanks, Stew! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Note to self: always bring your own amplifier to your gigs now.

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