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The Ghost Of Fudge

Fudge present: Kenetic + ... To The Rescue + Longhorn + Decipher

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"If I could draw on walls in my head, I would make a mark that was there for eternity. Trying to draw a line that's my life, a simple thing, untouched by symbols. No complexity of pattern. No stopping this line." is all their myspace page tells us.


Featuring singer/guitarist Jon from Moorings favourites Deadenstereo: ...To The Rescue formed from the discarded genetic matter of other things, coming together to create a harmonious wooly mammoth with pop tusks and a knowing smile. Sounds like a battle of wits between Oscar Wilde and Howard Stern. They claim to sound like sadly missed Aberdonians Maple, who in turn sounded a bit like The Pixies


If youd like to see a cow skull belching smoke from its nostrils, I suggest heading to their none-more-rock website. Youll hear some mellow stoner-style tunes too. They also feature a member of sadly deceased Edinburgh rockers Deadenstereo who were pretty popular in this neck of the woods. His name is Craig. Come down and check them out, if you like them (and I expect you will), well bring them back!


We have a pretty wide range of influences but here are some mxpx, Blink 182, Silverchair, Therapy...etc

Its almost like none of these bands are capable of writing a biography, isnt it?

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