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Decent episode, better than 21 anyway.

Basically more setup for the finale. Was pretty obvious Sulu was going to be a badass and teach Hiro how to fight. Suprised Linderman didn't survive longer.

23 better deliver the goods. No half arsed end of season cliffhangers either. I want to see Peter vs Sylar, Hiro kill sylar and I expect to see them stop the future.

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Are you guys on 23 yet?

Spoiler ahead:

Syler dies! Well sort of, he's dies just like the comic book said he would, but rumours are rife that he is still alive. Well either way, they saved the Bomb from going off, a suicidal Nathan lifts Peter into the sky and from what we can see they both perish in the explosion above the streets of New York. So Nathan basically gives up his chance of becoming the President and eventually in 5 years time failing in his efforts to rid the World of the 'Heroes'. Which throughout the episodes we have seen the build-up to this decision.

The finale wasn't what I expected it to be. From the first episode to the last we have seen what was going to happen and it was over too quickly for my liking, well either that or they ran out of a budget for their CGI.. But it wasn't what I had expected it to be. Still, can't wait for the next Volume to begin.

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Only thing im not looking forward to regarding volume 2 is i read that Tim Kring stated volume 2 will not be about the heroes we have grown to love over volume one......Volume 2 will be a whole new story regarding a whole new bunch of heroes.....

I kinda like most if not all of the heroes we have thus far :'(

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Nah they're continuing with season 2 of heroes with the same cast and there's going to be a spinoff, Heroes: Origins, which will introduce new ones. At the end of the series the audience will vote for which one gets to join the normal cast.

Heroes: Origins - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I liked the ending but wanted to see more of a powers battle between Peter and Sylar. Peter was a bit of a let down truth be told, but I guess it's not set in stone that he's dead. Just 'cause someone becomes a mushroom cloud in the atmosphere doesn't mean they can't lead a normal life right?

The little clip of Hiro at the end was good.

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