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Stanley + Level Four + The Cellers

Sam 45

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Stanley - www.myspace.com/iamstanley

By far the best band in Aberdeen at the moment. Their complex yet mind gripping music has drawn comparisons to the Divine Comedy, The Cure and the vocal talent of Scott Walker. This band NEED to be heard.

Level Four - www.myspace.com/levelfour

Playing their first Aberdeen show in 2 months and have just posted brand new recordings. Only 4 live shows into their career but are already receiving good plaudits from bands such as The Grim Northern Social. A whole new range of promo gear is currently being processed so look out for LOTS of free stuff!

The Cellers - www.myspace.com/thecellers

As unproffesional as this sounds, i don't have a clue what to say about these guys. Their myspace bio contains nothing and they have nos ongs up. All i know is that their EP 'Thai Whisky Tears' was a BELTER!

Will be a good night in Drummonds!

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Guest Callum, Underflow

Unfortunatly i don't think i'm going to be able to make this, but i agree that Stanley really are 1 of the best Aberdeen bands around just now. They are awesome!

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