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[GIG] Ed Harcourt @ The Tunnels

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im playing accoustic at this too! i cant wait.

When i was starting to do home demos and record songs Ed Harcourt was someone i was really influenced by.The fact he played everything and wrote it all on his album always impressed me.Plus he has the totally great pop songs which are sweet then can follow it up with a tom waitsy noise a second later.

Didnt realise that son of dave and Ed Harcourt was the same gig or at Moshulu? I thought ed harcourt was at tunnels.

Good to play with Garcias again.

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Ed Harcourt's the only man I'm caring about seeing (after Psydoll ^_^) tomorrow night.

Should be a great one. Supported Beth Orton when she played the Music Hall and will be mesmerising Friday. For fans of Willy Mason, Ryan Adams and the like?

Well worth checking out.

tonight tonight :up:

Looking forward to Harcourt. Did he have a full band that time you saw him? Did he move around the instruments or play predominantly guitar or keys? I think the Ryan Adams shout is accurate. Like Adams he can be really gentle and soft one minute and then "the opposite of that" the next (I can't think of words today).

Support? Anyone? What time?

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