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2 4 1 deal for saturday night dance show feat. music by Mogwai & Aphex Twin


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Dance Live!: Rosie Kay Dance Company

Asylum and other stories

(Patisserie, Honey You're a Pig & 22)

Saturday 14th October

9 (6 concessions and Regulars) (5 Fast and Dirty participants)

or two tickets for the price of one by quoting "Aberdeen Music Forum Deal"

Doors open: 7pm Show starts: 7.30pm

Rosie Kay Dance Company present a mixed bill of two solos and a duet, and the dance film 22 (a collaboration with directors Ravi Depress and Michael Baig-Clifford). Witty, intelligent and incredibly athletic choreography that is fluid and inspired. An entertaining and thought provoking evening of stunning dance.

Patisserie contains music composed especially for the show by Ian Wallman, Alek Jarker and Annie Mahtani, as well as Bach, Mogwai, Aphex Twin & Gabriel Yared.

we all live in hope of spotting a promising young talent headed towards the big time- the performance honours go to Rosie Kay The Times

"Two dancers progressively shed their defences and their belongings, in choreography that moves from combative awkwardness to tough, wry accommodation. Issues of exile and belonging inform the piece, but the focus is on the sharp, expressive virtuosity of its two performers. "Judith Mackrell, The Guardian


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(5 Fast and Dirty participants)

(5 Fast and Dirty participants)

well ... I have been described as both, do I qualify? - the write up looks staggeringly like a review by The Critics in Viz - what sort of fast and dirty stuff do you have to do to get a discount?

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Ha ha

Fast & Dirty is a dance workshop at Citymoves - you may be both of those adjectives Biz, but I doubt you took part in the dance workshop were you? You could go and rattle out some paradiddles to keep them in rhythm next time if you want to get involved.

Anyway if you are interested in going the two for one deal will be slightly cheaper than the 5 anyway (9 for two)

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