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thought I saw 2 Hunter S Thompson folk? Maybe it was the booze though...

My favourite was the guy dressed as Tequila Mike, especially confusing seeing as the real Mike had shaved off his beard. Or my friend who went was dressed as herself in bed. Nice to see that the usual wear-as-little-as-possible rule of halloween was vastly ignored by the girls in Moshulu, yay for making an effort with *real* costumes! Apart from one girl wandering around in a bikini who I'm sure I saw wearing the same thing at Obedience School.

What you couldn't see in the lack of light in Shulu was that she'd painted her entire self silver (I had to do her arse cos I got ready the quickest-nae amused) and we gave her bug eyes. Plus she had actual Mars Attacks hair. She looked like the alien she was meant to in regular light.

The Mikes were immense!!!

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one of my favorite costumes was joe (complete with crystal), richard o brian what a legend!


craig fudge kept his whole dressing in drag trend on the go, by dressing as freddy mercury in the "I Want to Break Free" video


and i tried to pimp out a devils costume i had lying around the house


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