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Here's my problem.. I have a sony mp3 player so I use SonicStage. I recently had to swap computers so i now have my old hard drive in a cradle, acting as an External USB drive. Because the computers are different, the old drive can only be accessed on this computer via USB, but because of SonicStage's stupid security, it's saying i can't access the music on my old drive since it was originally downloaded on to a different computer.

Can anyone suggest a way i might be able to boot my old drive on my new computer? I've tried shuffling the order of bootup in BIOS but it comes up with errors if I select USB and says to make sure the drive is configured properly and I don't know anyone with the same model as my old laptop.. Help please!

P.s - if that actually makes any sense to anyone i'll be amazed. I got lost myself..

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Is the old hard drive the one you used to boot from on the other computer? Why don't you put it in internally instead of through USB? It's not that hard to install, and it'll transfer files a lot faster.

You would have to put the jumper (little black bit) on in the slave position, which will be shown on the hard drive, and then just connect up the spare IDE cable and power supply. It should then just show up as another HDD.

Either that, or set it to master, and the other to slave, and you'll be able to boot off it. Then transfer to the other HDD (if that'll work).

But i've got no experience with sony security shit, so i'm not sure what to do with that, or if what i'm saying won't be stopped...

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