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Bromheads Jacket


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Bromhead's Jacket are playing Tunnels on the 17th and they will be supported by Oxfam Glamour Models..

If all tickets haven't sold out by the 17th, then yes there will still be tickets on the door. I imagine if you get down with in good time you'll still get a ticket at the door.

See you all there!!!..x

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Why not have a listen to some of there stuff then: BROMHEADSOXFAM

I dont think i've seen such an active crowd at the Tunnels since the last Bromhead's gig, that really was out of controll.. Well work the 7 or what ever it was..

Dont forget that The Bromhead's Jackets album 'Dits From The Commuter Belt' is out on Monday at all good record shops.. It's a corker!!

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The former are sub-Artic Monkeys shite and the latter i know nothing of, but i quite like the name.

Can you go "sub" Artic Monkeys??? ;)

Clearly not my thing, then!

But enjoy yourself, lads. Tunnels = great place for a bounce.

Oxfam Glamour Models really sounds like a tragic MSP tribute act that only play Generation Terrorists era stuff, though.......

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