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Moshulu Rob

Reclaim every bank charge for the last 6 years

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Here is how to claim back every single penalty charge you have recieved from your bank in the last 6 years. My mate who sent me this has got back 2.5k so far:


The Office of Fair Trading made a direction on the 5

April 2006 stating that (bank or credit card/

agreement) charges for any matter that are over 12

(ie overdraft fees, dd admin charges, missed mortgage

payments, etc pretty much any charges as it happens)

are unlawful and you can get these back. So far

millions of pounds have been refunded - (personally

2,570 from just one bank so far) by using the data

protection act and some standard letters (link below).

You can get charges back from the last 6 years so

handy for any ex-students who still haven't paid off

any overdraft charges!

Link to Templates:


Below link for the Data Protection Access Letter:


After you get Data Protection Response outlying



You'll get a standard letter back saying no, and so

you then send this one:


When they try to settle without giving you the full

amount then use thi sletter:


Remember though that if you are offered the full

amount requested and it is without further conditions,

you must accept it.

If conditions are attached to an offer of settlement

in full (for instance, you are required to attend a

meeting, or you are asked to agree not to make further

claims etc) then you are under no obligation to


Make the bank aware of the need to withdraw those

conditions first.

....but eventually they'll give in. At the beginning

they were trying to get people to sign gag orders

shutting them up but slowly a lot of people are doing

this now.

If you don't believe me check the Office of Fair

Trading Website:


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This is fantastic! I've just emailed all my friends to let them know too. Stick it to the Man!


I'm deffo going to "stick it to the man". The corrupt hoors are into me for 's

In the words of Francis Begbie, "thae bank cunts is gittin' fucked the noo, likesay"

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The original post goes right over my head im afraid

Any chance someone could help us all out with basic instructions as i say i cant make head not tale of original post lol ... .. . . ..

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Amount of money I have received back = £FUCK ALL

Amount of money I have lost to banks = £TOO FUCKING MUCH

It seems to be all the rich people are getting there money back and the poor people are handing the last of their money over to the bank only to be told no. Fucking madness....

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