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Hog - what ya think?


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Richt bonny - but is it what you really want?

It looks like it would be more comfortable in the hands of a prog-rock widdler with an Italian surname' date=' than an "Angel of Death"

It ain't exactly death-thrash-speed metal looking is it?


Ps - I'd have it though :up:[/quote']

I have been playing lotsa guitars lately to decide exactly what I want - alder body, maple neck, jumbo fretwire, 2 humbuckers, floyd rose, 25.5" scale.

As long as it has that - I'm set.

I've been playing some higher quality guitars with bolt-on necks and I have to say: a good bolt-on is as good as any to be honest!

I could make do with 22 frets I think, I'll just pull up on the Floyd from 22 if I want the pitch of the 24th!

That's the deceiving bit though ya see - the picture displays a strat style trem and 3 pickups - Anderson specs are flexible so I'd get rid of the middle pickup, put surrounds on the other 2 and have a floyd trem instead!

Also, yeah it doesn't look as 'metal' I guess but I'm all for tone at the end of the day. When we record stuff, you don't see what I use, it matters only what I'm using I suppose!

Nevermind the fact that I have definitely fallen in love with that finish - just look at the bookmatching of the top! Also that teal stain looks beautiful!

Hog - I'm looking into what are the highest output stock pickups Tom Anderson makes. Failing that there's Bare Knuckle (which sound nothing short of brutal!) and also Seymour Duncan (Dimebucker anyone?!).


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