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Leeds Festival

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Come on then who went?

I demand some long-winded reviews to compare to Reading! I have to do mine laters. Relive the dreams!

At least lets have some ranting from Paul about it being 'the tits' ;)

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Went down on Friday. Traffic Jams in England made sure that we only got to see the last three bands: My Chemical Romance, Placebo and Pearl Jam. Was really only there to see Pearl Jam but would have been nice to soak in a bit more of the atmosphere through the day.

Haven't listened to much of My Chemical Romance but they were decent performers. The singer's chat was pretty naff but overall not too bad. Placebo were surprisingly good - possibly down to the bottle of wine I had consumed by this point.

Pearl Jam were amazing. Best band I've ever seen. Can't say more than that really.

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Compared with the last few years - wth Glasto being off - there was definately a lot more characters in the campsite and a lot more drugs kicking around. Although it was still a far more relaxed vibe than last year's festival. On the whole it was one of the best years for top performances despite not being the biggest line-up in a while. Band by band:

Mastodon - Pure pish, worst opening band of the last 4 years.

Killswitch Engage - Totally amazing, top banter, sounded phenomenal on the main stage.

Slayer - A bit samey and clichd, but still well worth a look.

MyChemicalRomance - Definately improved since last year, new songs sounded good.

Falloutboy - Catchy but so bland, got the girlies boping.

Franz Ferdinand - Didn't think they'd be as entertaining, good show, dozens of catchy tunes.

Wolfmother - Are we in the 1970's again?

Futureheads - Bouncy, Catchy but new songs were gash.

Feeder - Ultimate festival performance with the biggest sing-a-longs of the weekend.

Boy Kill Boy - S,s,s,s,s-ooooozie!

Maximo Park - Nice hat, not too shabby either.

Be Your Own Pet - Biggest improvement from last year, hip-shakinly good.

Coheed & Cambria - Another performance of the festival, one word - Amazing.

Soulwax / 2 Many Dj's - Got the entire tent jumping, highly interesting / entertaining to watch.

Erol Alkan - Pretty much the same, some decent dance re-mixes of rock classics.

Municipal Waste - Worst band of the weekend.

Lightyear - Brilliant performance, last ever gig (again), worked the crowd, sounded immense.

Hundred Reasons - Another massive improvement from last year, sounded shit-hot.

Bodycount Ft Ice T - Were they a joke? Seriously, the ACTUAL worst band of the weekend.

Sonic Boom Six - Sounded a bit samey, sexy front-woman though.

Captain Everything - Fast, Energetic and appreciated by the crowd. Just like being 15 again.

Millencolin - My band of the weekend, perfect set full of the biggest songs, best pit.

Reel Big Fish - Ultimate way to end the festival, best party band around.

Hot Chip - Mesmerising, suprisingly good live act, thought it would have been hard to pull off.

Get Cape Wear Cape Fly - Another well-pulled off act, full of sing-a-longs.

Sunshine Underground - A bit generic for a quirky dance-rock. Syncapated drums wore thin very fast.

Placebo - Rock hard performance (no pun).

Kaiser Chiefs - Why did I even bother.

Sikth - Fairly amazing to watch, gave the tech-metal kids massive chubbies.

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First fest I've missed since 2002. Seeing Pauls review and the coverage on BBC3 made me sad to wish it. Though I did see Rolling Stones on Friday who I'm sure blew away the Carling Festivals headliners by a mile

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First fest I've missed since 2002. Seeing Pauls review and the coverage on BBC3 made me sad to wish it.

The BBC3 coverage this year was way better than most festival coverage (I'd imagine the absence of Glastonbury this year meant they could put a lot more focus on Reading/Leeds), they pretty much showed a bit of everything and actually showed whole sets from loads of the smaller bands on the interactive channels. Much better than just constantly repeating the same hits from the headline bands.

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King Blues: Entertaining enough, nothing to get too excited about.

Send More Paramedics: Ace! Technical problems aside I enjoyed them greatly.

The Long Blondes: Pleasant but like a less good Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Guillemots: Really impressed with them live. Much more interesting than I'd imagined.

Gogol Bordello: One of my bands of the festival. Amazing fun live and highly, highly recommended. You can stick Flogging Molly up your arse.

Peaches: Excellent performer and enough sleazy sounds to keep the crowd dancing throughout. The drummer was amazing as well! Woman who drummed more like a drum machine than a human and had loads of shouty, jumpy, stick-twirling type action going on. Also came out from behind the kit for some drumpad hitting action after about 3 songs. Also there was an inflatable penis. Good times.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Amazing live, captivating/weird performance from Karen O and the songs work a lot better than on record for me. 'Maps' was astounding.

The Vines: Enjoyed them a lot more than I thought I would. We caught the last five songs or so and they were punchy and sounded ace. Still hate that Outkast cover though.

Dizzee Rascal: Basstastic and the lowest trousers ivver. Enjoyed much bopping.

Thursday: Stayed for two or three songs but was sorely disappointed, just couldn't get into them live really.

Primal Scream: Amazing live band, ace singalongs and the tent being absolutely heaving ahoy!

Sick Of It All: Nipped out to catch four or so songs. Good but not good enough to keep me from returning to Primal Scream.

Fire Tusk Pain Proof Circus feat.Lucifire: Fun with fire and balloons and a whip! Enjoyed.

Giant Drag: Most entertaining live, gained confidence as the set went on and went into a wall of noise kinda thing for a bit that I really enjoyed.

The Bled: Boring. Stug enjoyed them but I don't really dig them on record and live just was more boring.

Wolfmother: In a recurring theme enjoyed them a lot more live than I'd thought. Noodlesome but more fun than Led Zep etc.

GoodBooks: Sort of like a boring Bloc Party or something I thought.

The Streets: Ace fun live! Danced about a lot and laughed at a man with a penis on a pole.

Capdown: Always good live, didn't disappoint at all. Whole tent dancing.

Millencolin: You forget how many good songs they've got, energetic and thoroughly good.

Lucifire suspension: Woman stripping while suspended on meathooks through her back and swinging round from the roof of the tent over the crowd singing "I've got you under my skin". How could it NOT be good?

Mastodon: Ace, stonertastic riffs to wake you up.

Killswitch Engage: Crowd weren't really into it, I hate Adam D but otherwise a solid enough performance but not as good as I expected.

Metric: Excellent, confidence grew as the set progressed and a great light show complimented the set beautifully.

The Dresden Dolls: Another one of my bands of the weekend. Captivating, talented, just absolutely fantastic.

Broken Social Scene: Very good, quite hypnotic and entertainingly weird stage banter.

Taking Back Sunday: I like them on record but they were really, really good live. Recommended.

Sway: Disappointing. Ace on record, a bit flat live.

Lady Sovereign: Ace live! Gobby as fuck and great fun.

Slayer: METAL! You couldn't really not go to see them, they were good but it was weird that it was so sunny.

Placebo: I've seen them a ridiculous amount of times live but they're always ace. Enjoyed the new stuff live as well.

Pearl Jam: Astounding. Never thought I'd see them live for some reason but so professional and so talented. So many songs. Joyous!

Nipped into the dance tent for some of the Vitalic, 2manyDJs malarkey which, as always, comes highly recommended. Sweaty glowstick dancing action! :)

Saw a few songs of Arctic Monkeys and Dirty Pretty Things as well who all seemed quite good live.

If Leeds was better than Reading I'd be amazed. Maybe on par but I had one of my favourite festivals ever this time. Roll on next year indeed!

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it should be noted that psydoll spent most of his time drunk. the star.

Lies and untruths! I remember it all!

Also drugs and fur coats and bug-eye shades and ladies and fire and wheels and drugs and rock and meathooks and cheating on boyfriends and rosie and amber and circle takes the square and supersoakers and angry mobs and breakdancing and techno shops and hippy and just general joy were involved.

Dear god I loved every minute.


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Better than Reading? I believe it not!

Although Gogol Bordello should get played. Every night. Every, every night.

It depends what you guys are going to be suited up as ;)

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