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Say Dirty Records

Endor + The Little Kicks + Special Guests

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Live at The Tunnels Thursday 31st August. Doors 8.30pm, 3 on the door.

Endor make their live debut in Aberdeen on the back of their sold out single 'Hold On' through Glasgow label Say Dirty Records.

Endor - 'Hold On' SDD001

'Of a handful of promising new DIY Scottish labels, Say Dirty Records are one of the most exciting, especially if this endearingly ramshackle first single from Endor is anything to go by. "Four little letters don't matter anymore because you know that we're just primitive" they sing, without arrogance or pretence, and you're ready to give your heart to them. The carefree backing vocals and fragile harmonies add to the joy' [MMc] ITM?

'Arresting, ethereal and blissfully evocative, Endor's tunes manage to pull off the trick of sounding instantly familiar whilst being utterly unique' The Skinny Mag Apr 2006

Glasgow West End festival

LISTENING as one does, to some very loud music indeed, it is easy to forget just how powerful acoustic guitars can be. Tuesday night saw local heros Endor headline an excellant evening of acoustic entertainment at Brel, as part of Glasgow's West End Festival. Both Endor and Wake The President are on the newly formed Say Dirty label, and co-founder and WtP vocalist Erik Sandberg gave us a short but very sweet solo set of their idiosyncratically Glaswegian tales of guys sitting in bars, doing crosswords and dreaming of beautiful blondes. Endor are making a name for themselves on the local circuit, and the substantial crowd, having eschewed the attractions of Brazilian football, greeted them as conquering heros.

In this acoustic guise, the band wore their influences on their sleeve - and covered Belle & Sebastian's Lazy Painter Jane just to emphasise them. Their own songs, however were excellant. Emergency Getaway Plan and the single Hold On prompted a mass clap along and Big Night Out, which vocalist Mark Church told us hadn't been done for a while, came off beautifully, reminiscent of Nick Drake at his finest. The rest of the band - drummer Richard Ferguson, bassist Calum Johnstone and guitarist David McGinty - provided nicely understated support. **** Stuart Morrison The Herald Jun 2006

T ON THE FRINGE Thursday 10th August 2006

Iain Archer, support from Endor at Cabaret Voltaire

A perfectly matched lineup of Glasgow band Endor, signed to the label with an ear for talent 'Say Dirty Records', and Northern Irish Ivor Novello award winning Iain Archer. Not that the two are similar for tonight's performances, (part of T on the Fringe festival - www.tonthefringe.com) but they both have a subtle charm about them, a lack of arrogance, stunning vocals and a winning way with melody and harmony. Endor bring with them the full shebang, and hold nothing back on the upbeat pop songs they seem very comfortable with. Its certainly not commercial nonsense, only on previously released single 'Hold On' do they stick to a well worn pop pattern reminiscent of Snow Patrol. Finishing a tight set with 'Fly Straight and Always Wear Sensible Shoes' the band show off both a sense of humour missing in the formerly mentioned band and also some dedicated fans who spontaneously burst into clapping out the rhythm at well rehearsed points in the song. A tendency by 'someone' to overuse the old reverb button was salvaged by Endor's use of the hook, the chorus and at one point the harmonica **** (Karen Dorat) ITM?

Maybe see you there :)

Bjorn x

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