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David Insurrection

Island Of Punk, Edinburgh Sun. 27th Aug.

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Ben Cozine


The Fight Back


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Sunday 27th August,

Cramond Island


Access to the island from 10am-1.30pm, then tide comes in.

More information about tide times: http://www.mobilegeographics.com:81/locations/ ? 8&d=27

Buses: 41 to/from Cramond or 16/8/N8

Info regarding Cramond here: http://www.supababs.supanet.com/main.htm

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This was fucking amazing by the way. Not a drop of rain or trouble. Im now fucked beyond belief from carrying gear across the half mile long causeway 4 bloody times.

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Glad ya has such an awesome time. Many folks there? Made it along to the Cramond Island punx picnic '89, then made it to the island again in '97 with the Bloodshot folks as part of the festivities surrounding Edinburgh's City Of Punk. Happy Spastics played that day too, and, saw Doom, Cress, and Quarantine the previous evening at the Tap.

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And a fine release it is. Kinda sad I ain't caught OP in somethin' like five years. Last time I caught 'em was I think Dec. '01 with Social Insecurity, though did run in to Deek on an anti-war march in Inverness '03. Was the Scottish Labour Party conference I think.

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