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ian quik

Old/brokenish computer stuff for sale, cheap!

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just some stuff i need rid off asap. Taking up space.

1x Old pc. Celeron 600Mhz, 319mb RAM, 46GB of HD space across 2 drives, 2x dvd drives, webcam, 5 button mouse, standard keyboard, 17inch CRT. Windows 98 SE installed with lisence sticker intact. Has on board graphics, no AGP slot. Has modem and network card. Only thing required is the drivers for the on board sound, which i havent tried to find. So sold without sound working atm.

1x Brokenish G4 15inch Powerbook. 1GHz model, 1GB ram, 55GB HD, powersupply. Has a failing logic board, so movement causes the screen to scramble/the machine to crash. Includes a case, and basically new battery. Sold as is

1x Geforce FX 5200 AGP graphics card, 128mb, 1x Svideo out, 1x vga out.

2x 256 Ram chips,

2x cdrw drives

1x dvd drive

1x 17"CRT samsung syncmaster monitor

pix -







any offers considered, headin for the skip soon.


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