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The Ghost Of Fudge

Mercury Tiltswitch + [cayto] + Eric Euan + Strong Like Ox + Deathpodal : FN81

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The Tunnels - September 15th - Fudge present Cabal4:

Mercury Tiltswitch + [ c a y t o ] + Eric Euan + Strong Like Ox + DeathPodAl

8pm, 4

www.myspace.com/mercurytiltswitch - A noisy whirlwind of blistering guitars and left-field melody on Dundees much-loved Pet Piranha label, similar to the soundscapes of Codeine and Aereogramme corrupted by the pop suss of Jimmy Eat World or Idlewild. Theyve supported The Deftones, Snow Patrol, Hundred Reasons, Hell Is For Heroes and more. Their brand spanking new album Kiprono goes onsale nationwide on 4th September - I got my promo copy ages ago, and can report its brilliant.

http://www.cayto.com/ - http://www.myspace.com/cayto - We live in exciting times. The historical body of music is wide open for plunder: all forms of music, all ideas, all styles of all periods are available to us, and the technology to utilise and synthesise them is cheap and everywhere. We are a band based in Glasgow. We are musicians of the twenty-first century, mostly playing traditional rock instruments: guitar, bass, piano, drums. But our sound is cribbed from all over, as much from jazz and classical music as rock, and as much from books as either.

What is a Cayto song? There is no template; each song follows an unconscious drawstring of pleasure, and when our pleasure meets yours the song must be judged a success. Caytos music has no intrinsic merit. Its only good if you say it is, but if you arent a fan, then were not trying to convert you. When we write a catchy hook or something that sounds pretty much like pop - its because thats what we want to hear and its what we want you to hear. Similarly, if we write something dissonant and full of strange time signatures - we are not trying to put you off, were following our creative road signs and stopping where weve done something good.

We see ourselves as a punk band, but we are interested in all sounds and forms of music. We push each other to become better musicians so that we can play anything our brains can fathom, but we try not to noodle. Every note and every rhythm should be deliberate and economical, tied to the emotional movement of the song.

Cayto's unhinged live act has garnered a reputation as one of the most exciting, featuring instrument swapping, Viking helmets, suspect afros, nudity, twisted audience participation, joyful jumping, bad dancing and broken bones. Not to mention the fine, fine music. The band have played Tin the Park, Truck Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, In the City and Music works.

"The Head of a Pin" has one of the best hooks I've ever heard. Cayto are a starling proposition" NME

"Cayto are the latest in a long and occasionally glorious line of Scottish post-rock upstarts and this debut is a damn fine one - enchanting stuff" The List

Swinging between genres faster than Tarzan" Kerrang!

Its experimental music stripped down to let the bare bones of talent protrude in all their gory glory and show a Glasgow four-piece unafraid to stare reality in the face via politically relevant lyrics. Seven tracks that just could be vital." Rock Sound

www.myspace.com/ericeuan - Eric Euan are a five piece alternative rock band. Their three guitar dynamic backed by a solid rhythm section and soaring vocals give them a powerful sonic presence. Theyve had the privilege of playing alongside noted bands such as; The Delgados, De Rosa, Stapleton, Kerbdog, Deckard, Dawn of the Replicants, El Presidente, Infadels and Macrocosmica. Always improving, forever pushing the envelope and gaining popularity with increasing momentum, Eric Euan are a band that never disappoint.

www.myspace.com/death-trap - valentinebitch.co.uk - Aberdeen-based label Valentine Bitch's first solo project. On a cold March in 2006, Deathpodal rediscovered his love of music after a long spell incarcerated in a well by an evil wizard/wolfman (or something along those lines). Now hes back prowling the streets fueled only by his love of cricket and hatred of Rupert Murdoch. Deathpodal has supported the likes of Circulus, Paul Research (The Scars), Uncle John & Whitelock, Pete McConville, Amber and The Jinx. His influences include Nick Drake, Hanif Kureshi, Cat Power, Nietsche, Mark Rothko, Viktor Frankl, Noam Chomsky, Elliot Smith, Lapsus Linguae, David Lynch, The Paper Chase, Cezanne, Unwound, Slint, PJ Harvey, Angelo Badalamenti, and The Microphones.

"Deathpodal - man, mystery or soon-to-be living legend? There are many theories, but either way its clear that he is a sublimely talented artist whose music has a fragile beauty perfectly suited for a live setting. Whether its a transcendent triumph or a muddy swamp-soup of madness, his comeback is sure to be fascinating." - Michael MacLennan, The Herald .

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"Mercury Tilt Switch's second album Kiprono goes onsale on Sept 4th UK-wide through Cargo as part of their monthly collective so if melodic mayhem is your thing ask for it in your local music shop. With no UK tours on the horizon until 2007, watch out for ads in IsThisMusic?, The Fly, Plan B, Artrocker, The Organ, Rocksound (we've taken label ads in the next three issues) and Mojo.

You'll be able to enjoy new downloads from www.mtsonline.co.uk within the next few days. MTS have two shows coming up in Glasgow and Aberdeen and are unlikely to gig again until next year as a brand new set is currently being written. And it's going to rule with a big stick."

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"Hi there - I hope this finds you well. Elgin based band Strong Like Ox who played their debut gig at the start of this month, have received their first review from national press with a review of their recent support for Irish Rockers Therapy? at The Ironworks, Inverness...

Kerrang editor Paul Brannigan gave the gig a KKKK mark and had this to say about Strong Like Ox:

"Sterling support from local act Strong Like Ox whose Sigur Ros-meets-Slint post-rock is bewitching enough to lure all three members of the headline band to the side of the stage - Therapy? blow the roof off the place."

Please visit www.stronglikeox.co.uk for more details on Strong Like Ox

Please find a list of upcoming gigs below:

Sept. 8th goHi Festival - The Ironworks, Inverness

Sept 15th Fudge present Cabal 4 - The Tunnels, Aberdeen

Oct. 21st Vox @ The Vale, Glasgow

Nov. 18th Post Invention - The Classic Grand, Glasgow"

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i'll bring hankies if you bring someone to do the door :D

(anyone? really' date=' my girlfriend won't be impressed if i have to ask her to do it again...)[/quote']

man, you know id do it if i could. and if i get my bursary by friday morning theres a very high possibility that i will.

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good man :)

{ c a y t o } say:

"Hi, hello there, hey, howsit? Just to let you know [ c a y t o ] have two gigs

this weekend and i'm about to show you what they are.

So don't move.

Friday 15th at The Tunnels, Aberdeen (Yay!)


Mercury Tilt Switch

Eric Euan

8pm, £4


Saturday 16th at The Barfly, Glasgow (woo!)


Must be Something


Eye Contact leads to

8pm, £4

This is our second ever gig at The Tunnels in Aberdeen which we liked a lot a

lot, and The Barfly always gets us horny, so please come along folks and bear

witness to our swaggers and our horns. It'll be good for both of us."


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eric euan e.p. review

Hey folks,

Is this Music? magazine have reviewed our latest e.p "Unification of the planets" Here's what they said.....

eric euan

Unification of the planets

3 seconds of spidery prog-rock guitar open up "Pull it together" - a boisterous singalong emo anthem.

The Aberdeen 5 piece who number four guitars in their line-up, show they're not a one-trick pony however - "The Continent" is admittedly a (good) piece ofpop-rock from the Biffy school, all shouty-yet harmonised choruses and excitable drum fills.

"Planets" is more of a slow guitarry piece that bands always put on e.p's to show their sensitive side, but it's a winner, all breathy vocals and tinkling strings.

"Charlie takes the stage" closes the e.p. but why it's tucked away at the end (perhaps the rubbish title?) is a mystery, the best most smartest tune on what is a top notch e.p.

[bB] ????


Does this along with all the other news bites from the other acts not tell you that this Friday night at the Tunnels is "one not to miss"?

Hope to see all of you there.

much love

eric euan

p.s. Brian is lovelly

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hey ho!

thanks to everyone who came down to the tunnels last night, the soundgirl, barstaff, and especially the bands.

i thought all the acts were wonderful, but then i did put the bill together, so you'd expect that i suppose...

big up to MTS and [cayto] especially. great sets :)

and EE were as elegant as ever. although they do appear to have covered my flightcase in hundreds of eric euan stickers...

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