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Stuff for Sale - Gibson Les Paul Studio - Marshall JCM2000 Head - 4x10 Cab

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Ladies and Gents...

I've decided to sell a few bits and bobs of the old gigging she-bang..

I currently have a Gibson Les Paul Studio (Emerald Green), a Gibson Les Paul JR Special Edition (black, with an EMG in the Bridge), a Fender Mex Jazz Bass (Bluey Green-ish), a Marshall JCM2000 DSL 50 Head (just re-valved, been gigged for 2 years, numerous tours, never ever failed on me once) and a 4x10 Marshall Cab. I'm looking to hold on to the Junior and the Jazz, but looking to shift the other stuff relatively quickly as right now all they're doing are taking up space in my flat.

I've only gigged the Les Paul Studio around 5 times, although it's been toured extensively ( I bought it off Alex Woodcock of Aconite Thrill, think it was used on their record and on the Sikth records). It's got the usual couple of scratches and chips that come with wear and tear, but generally it's in great nick and plays really well. It also comes with a brand new Hiscox flight case which comes in at around 80 bucks on it's own.

The Marshall head is 2 years old, it's just been revalved and it's never ever let me down, I'm slightly reluctant to sell it, as it's done me so well, but I have no use for it anymore and it's taking up space in my living room, the cab's spot on as well.

I don't really have set amounts that I'm looking to sell for, so if you're interested, just drop us a PM or an email to james@moshulu.net, with an offer, or just to express interest and we can have a chat, I'll give it a week or so, then EBAY takes over.



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