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Albums and T-shirts are now available direct from the Valentine Bitch website. Cheap. Follow www.valentinebitch.co.uk.

Album Reviews

Is This Music 4/5 - "... is a blast, featuring as it does visceral finger-shredding nerve-jangling guitar...shades of Macrocosmica but with a decided pop bent... well, when its not grinding to a halt with (we presume) with the vocalist writing round in throes of agony. Fearsome, frightening, and occasionally fun"

Norman Records - "aggressive, speaker shredding riffs and tight arrangements on this here 8 tracker of uncompromising punk rock. ... In conclusion: Music to wake the baby and piss off the missus."

T in the Park Review

As the soulful euphoria of the Twilights fades, the frantic blellum of young Aberdonian quartet Project: Venhell jolts to life on the T Break stage. Putting in a blistering half hour of orchestrated chaos which sounds something like Oxes being ushered through Fugazi's school of post-hardcore delirium at double speed, this is an all too brief smattering of the underground diversity that Scotlands more popular cultural outlets snobbishly refuse to shout about. "My face isn't Sally's!" frontman Hines screeches - you what? The Skinny digs it with an industrial quarry scooping shovel nevertheless.

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