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Thursday Live is back - free lunchtime gigs by The Garcias, Calrissian, Nils Elders..

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Following a short break for the summer, The Lemon Tree's music development program's

Thursday live shows are back. Emerging new talent in a lunchtime gig environment.

Admission is free, there are no age restrictions and refreshements are

available including pasta and pint (or post mix soft drink) for a fiver.

Doors noon, bands onstage 1pm.

17th August - Calrissian

Charismatic teenagers with incredible energy - noisy entertainment at its best.

24th August -The Gracias

The Garcias like to be influenced, mainly by cheap booze and women but also by Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and RHCP. They also enjoy Ivor Cutler and Hunter S Thompson.


31st August - Nils Elders

Nils Elders is a man who has seen the world from many different perspectives. Born in Zoetermeer, Holland at the dawn of the eighties he lived across the globe in exotic loactions such as Quatar, Brunei and Oman. A trend he continued when he finally settled in the Scottish highlands in sunny Aberdeen...

Nils is a man in love with music, obsessively passionate about melodies, harmonies and rhythms. He puts no limit on the range of music he's into. However, his broad range of influences are all linked by an overwhelming enthusiasm for clever lyrics.


7th September - Diablo

A raw hard-edged blend of indie-dance and grunge.

14th September - Amber

"Hauntingly beautiful vocals and great lyrics" - The Daily Record

21st September - Talkbook

Lo-fi magic from Copy Ha Ho front-man.


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