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Drummers who needs them?

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Aparently everyone, I am more than willing to play with friends for free but really need to start getting paid for sessions, so - gaes a job, I can dae that, drums / percussion / teaching - I have very competitive rates and absolutely love doing it - ask Brian Fudge or some other reprobate , even HE "employs" me from time to time and at his age he should know better than even persue a "career" in the "music industry", he he he, seriously though - I can get references from past clients who get regular airplay worldwide and are famous and a the shite that gings wi it, cheers Biz.

Fancy that - I had to edit it and put inverted commas around employs -as employ would imply some financial transaction taking place - which it usually does not, but I never mind as it invariably turns out to be the best night in ages and that's usually quite a lot of nights watching music not exactly to my own taste MON the Fudge - ( and the reference for me, he he he),cheers Biz.

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