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(another) guitarist looking for band

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8) The title says it all really. I've played guitar for 6 years, taught for two and i want to get out there and gigging.

I listen to most styles of music so i'd be happy to play anything, though i'd prefer to do some more challenging songs. I'm officially grade 6 but can play some grade 8 pieces if that makes any difference ( Eugines trick bag - Steve Vai, flying in a blue dream - Joe Satriani)

My influences range from Led Zepplin, Frank Zappa, The Chilli's, Pink Floyd, Martin Taylor, Dream Theatre, Pantera, The Zutons, Foo Fighters, Korn Satch, Muse to loads others that take too long to type.

If you're interested or have any questions either post or PM me. Thanks8)

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