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Um-Bungo Launch Night @ The Tunnels - Fri Sept 1st

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Um-bungo Is A Brand New Night That Will Take Everyone That Goes On A Journey Through All Forms Of Electronica From The Experimental To The Darn Right Funky.

Expect An Audio And Visual Assault From All Angles From The Moment You Walk Through The Door As Dj's Nil Munny(jungle Boogie), Chris Curtis(dave Clarks Fav Unsigned Dj) And Stuart Smith (jungle Boogie) Churn Out An Eclectic Mix Of Electronic Soup That Will Make Your Musical Tastebuds Explode With Delight.

On The Visual Side Of Things Is Artist Kurt Smith Who Will Have Your Eyes Fixed To The Big Screen (if You Can Stop Dancing) With His Deep Thought Invoking Visual Artistry.

Everyone Come Down And Check It Out, I Bet You Wont Be Dissappointed!!!


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sounds intriguing' date=' can you give me a few examples (producers/labels) of the range of stuff you'll be playing?[/quote']

i dont normaly like giving lists of artists labels because i always find it sounds like you are limiting yourself to like "this is what we play and thats that!!"

its gonna be very varied but i suppose i could give you an example of some artists.

Dont take this like a final list of what is in store though, just the tip of the iceberg!!!

plus i cant speak for the other 2 djs as they have ever so slightly different tastes, but its all good stuff.

I am doing a semi live set with ableton live and midi controller. using good old vinyl and some cd as well though.

sebastian leger, modeselektor, autotune, nathan fake, booka shade, M.A.N.D.Y, Basteroid, Frivolous, Shyza minelli, john tejada, kiniyuki, toby tobias, the drill, frankie, tiga, fairmont, ellon alien, metope, james holden, henrik schwartz, richard bartz, anthony rother, swayzak, japanese telecom, duotec, LFO, mylo (maybe), akufen, Plus some of my own productions.

That will do for now as i am at work and should be working i guess.

Also we have a special guest on the 6th october from montreal canada


He will be doing a live set for us all

check him out. http://www.frivolouslive.com/

hope this helps to get a wee taste.


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erm..whats your point

well we are not 80's juice i am afraid, this is a club night

head round to your local shop to pick up um bongo they still make it by the way!!

everyone else that is into the music come to um bungo!

have a look see!

dont listen to this silly man above!

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