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Punk / Rock / Metal Bands Wantin a DJ for Gigs

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Hey there, I am really looking to see if i cant get any slots Djing when bands play gigs. I DJ'd at the tunnels on the 23rd of July when Statue of Misery (For you people that dont know i play bass), played. Ive asked a few people for feedback and i have had some pretty good reviews considering it was my first time!!

This along with being in a Rock/Metal band has been an ambition of mine since i was young.

so if any bands, (Sorry i really dont have enough other type of music in my collection for anything other that punk, rock or metal), would like some good tunes played at their gig, if at all possible gimme a shout!!! Post on here or P.M me.

Or if anyone else is reading this, anything will do just let me fuckin DJ. PRETTY PLEASE!!!


P.S Oh i could also do indie but i lot of the indie stuff i own is quite old. I do have some new stuff!!

Sorry if this thread should have been placed somewhere else!!

Bry :up:

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