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NOXAGT (load records)...TUES 19TH SEPT @ THE TUNNELS

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nifty wee review of Noxagt's new album from Boomkat... :)

'..Anders Hana is a modern day travelling minstrel, I’m sure of it. He wanders around Norway, guitar in hand, bobbing his head into studios and donating a few riffs before gathering his gear and adding his touch to someone elses record. With Jaga Jazzist, Ultralyd and MoHa! among his many projects you’d wonder how he had time for anything else – yet here he is again, replacing Nils Erga and giving Noxagt a taste of his noisy guitar experimentations. And what a difference it makes – that’s not to say Noxagt have ever slouched before, their special brand of math-metal has always struck a powerful chord with me, yet the addition of Hana seems to have brought out the best in them and this eponymous album is their finest yet. What’s more I would even go so far as to say it’s the metal album of the year (I know, I’m gushing… but just listen to it!). Avoiding the trappings of ‘metal’ vocals their slashy doomcore never gets campy, yet surprisingly it never feels like it’s taking itself too seriously either. It pounds along rampantly with throbbing basslines, powerful percussion and abrasive guitar riffs constantly changing tempo and key (just to keep us interested, you understand). I can imagine this is what Lightning Bolt might sound like if they had both studied for music composition degrees – it’s technical as hell but wow does it ROCK. If you’re looking for something with a little bit more structure than Lightning Bolt, something with a bit more bite than MoHa!, something tough and metallic without having to resort to buying Southern Lord records yet again – you need to check out Noxagt pretty damn promptly...'

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Guest Jake Wifebeater
I'll be there' date=' another dose of Kylie Minoise vs Nackt Insecten will do nicely......[/quote']

Have to miss this due to bastard bloody work. Scorge, any KM CD's, nab us some and I'll square you up at Spike Towers the following night.

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as for superstar dj'ing we have one half of the legendary (well to some regular Drakes punters and barstaff!) Sonic Death Monkey/Valhella dj team!!! aka Dave Officer. the 'other half' being Rory 'Insecten'...who as you know will be in the building...but said he 'cant be assed' bringing his cds!!! :rolleyes::finger:

its ok, dave was the better dj anyway..... ;):p:D

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I object - Dave was normally waaaaaaay too high to remember to press play.

I might just get it together to bring some sick tunes and remind his grizzly ass how to spin....

thats the spirit haha!!

ooh bring Flipper rory!! there was one tune on that album with the yellow cover (check my knowledge eh!) that i bloody loved...i found a fan site of theirs on myspace with a coupla tracks actually...right i'll shut up now

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Guest Jake Wifebeater

ooh bring Flipper rory!! there was one tune on that album with the yellow cover (check my knowledge eh!) that i bloody loved...

That'll be "Album Generic Flipper"? It's been gathering dust in my boxroom for years, you're welcome to it for a pint if you like? Red vinyl, too.

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unfortunately i'm really ill right now and won't be making it along anymore. if anyone reads this and goes along early or happens to bump into one of the bands or sharon can they pass on my apologies. i've tried phoning her and texting but damn the tunnels and it's lead like walls! i would've given more notice but i was hoping it would pass cause i really really wanted to do this night.

i've got a terrible headache and don't think a night of noise, drone and doom is really going to help matters. off to bed for me :(

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HOLY SHIT, what an awesome night!!!:up:

the first "band" were really, really weird and fucked up (but in a good way)

PVH: tbh, i wasn't very impressed by them tonight :down:

acrynm: fucking awesome! what a mental bastard he was, and had some fuckin crackin music :up::up::up:

unfortunatley i had to leave at the end of his set due to my last bus being at 11 o' cock:down:

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HOLY SHIT, what an awesome night!!:up:

the first "band" I saw were Acrynm. they were 'apparently' fucking awesome yo! He was a mental bastard until his girlfriend put her own cigarillo out in her own beer and started freaking THE FUCK OUT!

[Also, sort your MarioKart Skillz out before coming here yo. I'd cut your spleen out for less than that if I met you on Hutcheon Street... xx]

What was REALLY KERRAZY was the fact they slept in my Thundercats duvet.

Man. That was some crazy shit.

Should I have spelt that kerrazy?

I'm not sure.

Either way, Maxi was asleep, I was sick of their wack MK skillz, Stug and his "too-nice skillz" and Maxi's "iunnoi'madrunkenbeardyubbisssockedbastardsebsetetatyxxxyouherardithinkithinktuithinksheilaspellitformeyoaecc" and in no mood to jazz with non-rock starz.

So I digress.

Apparently if you're a complete social retard then you have nowhere to stay in town hence you keep missing the bands that actually matter. Take the message and die. Otherwise, get a flat with a spare bedroom, cut your hair and hope that evolution catches up with you before your student loan runs out.



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