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Joe West and Tom Morton at Musa

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Joe West + The Tom Morton Two

Musa, 33 Exchange Street Aberdeen Phone (01224) 571771

Thursday 10th August, Doors 8.30 Entry 7

Tickets in advance from Musa or One-Up



JOE WEST is a singer/songwriter from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Some have dubbed him a "trailer park crooner" and others say he's a "time-travelling-Mark Twain-gone-punk." Whatever you call him, Joe West's humorous, beer-drenched tales of love, booze and UFO's have been winning over crowds from New York City to Austin, Texas and now its the turn of the UK.

From 1998-2001 Joe, along with his band The Sinners, rose to the top of the highly competitive Austin Music scene, earning enthusiastic reviews, media awards and a regular spot at Austin's renowned Continental Club. His album "Jamie Was A Boozer" was rated a Four Star Album by the Austin Chronicle and one of the Top Texas Albums of the Year.

Following a move back to Santa Fe, Joe caught the attention of Frogville Records, who signed him to their label and supported the recording of South Dakota Hairdo a CD which earned much praise and in 2004 was honoured as one of the best albums of the year by The New Mexico Music Industry Awards.




Tom Morton lives in the Shetland Islands, halfway between Scotland and Norway. His BBC Radio Scotland music show goes out weekday afternoons on 92-95 fm, 810 mw and digitally on the Sky Satellite, Freeview and on the web at bbc.co.uk/radioscotland. He is the current scriptwriter for the legendary Broons and Oor Wullie cartoons that appear weekly in the Sunday Post newspaper. From the age of 16 (and that wasn't yesterday), though, Tom has been writing and performing his own songs. In various past lives, this has led to the making of albums and numerous radio and TV appearances. Some of his work can be found at his blog From The Beatcroft (http://beatcroft.blogspot.com). His songs range from more-or-less funny denigrations of The Beatles, what to do with dogs during a divorce, and female bagpipers, to generally-quite-good sentimental heartstring-twanging.


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