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Make some cash with Yougov

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Has anyone else used yougov ? its a market research site and you do surveys for them and they pay you 50p or 1 for each one and then after your account is up to 50 then they send you a cheque which is rather nice :) The surveys take about 5 minutes and its a nice way to get some free drink money.



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Not really sure what to make of it.

I've never been on these schemes before. It seems to be a fairly honest place with good intentions, but I doubt they would just give cash away.

Either way, I signed up, and becos its a refferal link, I prolly got you a Squid. :D

I find that this site is far better tho... http://www.yougov.com/users/registrationintro_ref.asp?refid=344088&jID=3&sID=1 :)

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