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Where's My Johnny Marr?


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Hi all, I write and play songs on guitar, but I am looking for a Johny Marr/Edge/Johnny Greenwood guitar wizzkid for lead and rthyme work on my songs, I have been in a band before (Incendiary) but that fell apart a few years ago, I aint a great guitarist so ideally looking to get quality out of my stuff with a co-writer/guitarist, before we look for other band members.

Age: between 27-35

Inlfuences: U2; The Smiths/Mozza; REM; Manics; Joy Division, Radiohead, Editors and Bloc Party

Interested? email to akadexter@U2.com

No timewaster please! I'm getting on a bit and want to get out there live again and record material as I'm sick of open mike nights!!!



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