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The Moorings 22nd. July

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Deadenstereo, Idols are Higher and Port of Saints. This will be Port of Saints final ever performance aswell, so why not come along. Here is some guff about the bands playing:

www.myspace.com/deadenstereo - Glamourous Scottish music magazine Is This Music? said of Deadenstereo: Skyscraping vocals and big guitar slabs make this band one of the most kick-ass (and interesting) acts around Edinburgh.

Deadenstereo are a rock band, who haven't always thought of themselves as such. Based in Edinburgh, they have gigged all over the country on the back of a little radio exposure, their day jobs and the belief that if one person goes away happy, the trip has been a success. Supporting indie hero Neil Leyton and Valis (ex-Screaming Trees) have been highlights - the low lights are not worth the time it takes to type them

"Take the Manics' first album, add a hint of minor key angst, flip in a proper wailing rock guitar break and a dash of grunge. Simmer in a sauce of 'peak time' Radiohead, et voila! They write a good lyric, write a good tune...what the fuck else do you want?" - Fudge Fanzine.

www.myspace.com/idolsarehigher - www.idolsarehigher.co.uk - Idols Are Higher are a 5 piece rock band from the North East of England, bringing hard rock back to the forefront, with melody driven rock powered by sleaze soaked riffs, say the band. Thats three rocks in one sentence, so I think you know where theyre coming from

Due to release their first mini album 'Saturnalia' and tour the UK in the summer of 2006. You can also find them online at Channel4.coms Slashmusic site, where theyre currently being rated 5/5 by users.

www.myspace.com/portofsaints - Sounds like? David Bowie mudwrestling Billy Corgan while Debbie Harry and Ashlee Simpson look on in bemusement. Music to drink Buckfast to, they say. Port Of Saints mix indie with post-rock, and come out sounding rather heavy and unique.

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