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Free stuff!

Paul G

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I'm moving house and would like to be rid of the following items:

a pile of CDs (wat tyler, rancid, gomorrah, 4cd 80s punk comp, english dogs, spk, poison girls & a few others)

some old PC games (primal rage, bomberman, animal...)

some magazines (3 bizarres, a handful of Maximum Rock n Roll, 2 Wire, about 8 Fortean Times)

Anyone want this lot for free? No picking and choosing i'm afraid, you either take all of it or nothing. I can possibly even drop this stuff off if you live in the Northfield/Woodside/Tillydrone area. Either post here or PM me.

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may i claim the following from your house please:

a vickers urn, full of cheap wine

a giant crawling green hand

a robotic back scratcher

1000 tealight candles

an inflatable hippopotamus


80's slasher flicks

a mauve lycra running vest

signed picture of the star wars character ugnaut

your 'forest of the leper ogres' record

your 'pervert goblins morbid secretions' record also

the vietnam war

your garden

the lassa virus

fortean times

a cavernous retreat

*i know for a fact you own most of these items, and if not you can get them for me easily

thanks in advance

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I can't give any of those away sadly due to emotional attachments. a possible trade for:

'otter princess' vhs

'pleasure cavern 2: return of the dark locust' vhs

steve clarke's worldly remains

giant wooden indian biker's digit

'urinal wife face' #22-25

full 'knight of the reich' armour inc/ sword and helmet

lobster bisque sponge cake

your life

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