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UGS Launches independent music wiki

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Hey folks. I wasn't sure where to put this and i hope the admin don't mind me posting here but this isn't intended to be spam or anything but something that'd benefit this site and the users of it so here goes.

The one thing that myself and others have noticed and commented on is the lack of communication between sites representing other areas of the UK and British Isles so we came up with the idea of creating a wiki in which people can contribute their knowledge on their music scene and everything that goes with it, sort of like creating an online resource that all sites can use to get information on other parts of the country.

Some examples of why this might be useful include the ability for bands and artists who are looking to tour to find out some information about areas that they are interesting in performing at.

It'll also give the opportunity to the folks that run aberdeen-music.com to add an entry to the wiki to give information about this site and the services they provide to people in its locale.

We're also trying to get people to submit articles to the wiki about local bands in the independent music scene as well as venues that help bands and artists, recording studios, new technologies, helpful articles and things like that. It'll basically turn into a huge directory resource.

As we are all working with the same aim of improving the independent music scene right across the country, locally and/or nationaly, I thought it'd be acceptable to post this here.

If the administrators for this site like they can visit undergroundscene.co.uk and check out the site and add your links to our links directory. If you do it'd be great if you could return the favour and link to us too.

you can access the wiki at www.undergroundscene.co.uk/wiki and the main ugs site here...

Thanks again


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