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July 8th - Onion Terror + Jackie Treehorn + Open Air

The Ghost Of Fudge

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Saturday July 8th

FUDGE present their 7th Birthday Bash (part 1):

Onion Terror + Jackie Treehorn + Open Air.

2.50, 9pm.

www.myspace.com/onionterror -

This comedy pop-punk troop say, perceptively, Most bios are generous exaggerations written by a best friend of the band making them out to be the greatest thing since tits on television. The fact is that most no band are greater than tits on the TV and Onion Terror are no different. We write songs, play gigs and we love it all.

They won Best Punk Band 2006 at this years Fudge Music Awards, so we already know that their public loves them. Influences include The Living End, Bloodhound Gang, Unwritten Law, Zebrahead, DVDA and Fenix TX.

www.myspace.com/jackietreehornmusic -

Jackie Treehorn play heavy rock and merge stoner, grunge, blues, metal and a little soul with five strange and unique personalities to create a storming leviathon of barraging riffs, guitar harmonies, howling vocals - and a rhythm section capable of shaking your bowels from 20 paces. The Livingston based rockers have previously described their sound as not unlike a penis in the ear.

Despite the likes of Kyuss clearly being an influence, and despite the swooshy-phaser guitar FX and stuff, this band sound oddly like The Black Crowes playing prog versions of Black Sabbath hits. - Fudge Fanzine

www.myspace.com/oamusic -

Open Air are a 4 piece heavy metal band from Aberdeen. Their riff driven music backed by a belting rhythm section, is something original, wholesome, and pleasing to mostly all who listen. They lie somewhere between Metallica and In Flames , but with Pearl Jam style vocals. Other influences include Megadeth, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Killswitch Engage.


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