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Holy Shit!


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I was going to send you the link' date=' thought you might have been interested in it.[/quote']

Yeah, read about them, but never really listened, shows what an air head I can be. :)

I'm touched that you thought of me though... :love:

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That's sexy. I enjoy when it goes mental WITH the sax at the same time.

Very powerful.

I think he should let loose a bit more!!!

Those bits remind me of playing with Electric Tibet.

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Actually' date=' it does remind me of Electric Tibet a bit. I have to admit I'd be tempted to go to this gig if more of the new material is like this.

What about you, PJJ, Fancy being my buddy?... you can nurse a wee shot of whisky with some sugar whilst they play. Just think about it ;)[/quote']

Sounds good, I've only been out once this year I think!!! o_O :laughing:

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