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Elgin Valid Nights return...

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Yep. After about a 2 year hibernation period, Valid Nights in Elgin are set to return this summer.

In the past Valid Nights have featured - Small Enclosed Area; The Gloria Flaw; Fickle Public; Flight 19; Alyssa's Wish; The 44s; The Gloria Flaw; The X-certs; Tim Bench; Blue Gum Ears; The Upstarts; Subsistence; Cayto; We Become Less and more...

Despite the introduction of a "music venue" o_O called Ocean, Elgin hasn't really picked up in terms of live audiences. Perhaps due to poor advertising from a venue with poor ethics; who am i to judge!?. So to reignite this dormant scene there will now be monthly (at the very least) nights hosting some of the best talent in Scotland, with local acts supporting, in a more suitable venue than Ocean. Bands will get paid for their efforts, gigs will be well promoted, and hopefully well attended.

And for those that have played Ocean in the last few months.... Yes, there will be a PA!!


The first night will be taking place on Sat 1st July with---

Small Enclosed Area


Julia's Shadow




5 Entry - and you get a free cd with unreleased SEA and Shutter tracks, as well as a witty new magazine based on the goings on in the Elgin music scene and beyond. Contributions for future editions are most welcome... we (me!!) are knackered from trying to review everything. Ach, i'll be honest; we've ripped off every idea the Fudge Fanzine's ever use... :up:

Sat 1st July - Elgin - St Giles Hall. Located across the road from ESP at the end of South Street. There's a map on www.myspace.com/validsound

Doors at 7pm - first band on about 7ish, as the gig will run to 10pm(ish)... so you can get to the pubs in decent time if you want.

All Ages gig- Come one come all.

BYOB- Yep, bring your own drink. Where else can you go to hear live music, whilst drinking out of a 3 litre bottle of Cider, bought down the 'offy. ONLY OVER 18s DRINKING THOUGH!!

World Cup- Not sure who will be playing, but we may even cater for you by putting a tv screen behind the bands... who knows!!?


There'll be quite a few gigs in Elgin this summer; one confirmed is with Fickle Public on Aug 5th. Other dates are being worked on as i type.

Because of the limited slots we have available, we won't be able to cater for every band that gets in touch looking for a gig, but we will do our best; and show no bias or favouritism. Direct all enquiries to:


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Ross, that's great that this is happening there. The area is crying out for someone to make an effort and put on new music - the cover band scene seems to rule the roost back there.

What's Ocena like nowadays? wandered past it a few times when I'm back there but never went in.

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Ocean is a bit of a dive. Started out as an over 21 dance club, which bombed. So it became a school disco club, which failed. Then decided to start live music, without any knowledge of the local scene, what bands are out there, how to promote gigs, how to organise PA etc etc etc; and its close to falling on its arse again.

Its not too bad during the day for a game of pool, and a cheap(ish) pint. But the blacked out windows is always a bit intimidating to those that have never been there.

The (kinda) plan is as well as putting on the challenging exciting bands we like, on Valid Night gigs that take care of all overheads etc, and are perhaps a little riskier for getting a profit. It will put on the "Pub Rock" esque bands in the types of pubs that cater for those type of things, acting almost like an agent which takes a small cut from the pub to promote the pub band around town and in the fanzine etc. Any profit from these nights go towards keeping the challenging gigs alive, and bands well paid. Elgin is a bit of a monopoly for these pub rock types, and we think we can get other pub bands from around the north east and beyond, who would add something a little different, and not demand extortionate payment these "high and mighty" local pub bands do. I mean £400 for 2 hours of covers!! If there was a band that only required £300, then Valid could use the other £100 for promoting the pub rock gig, and covering overheads of a underground band gig

I'm not actually directly involved with this project this time. But will help out with promotion and fanzine contributions etc. Marshall from Small Enclosed is the man with the plan, the PA, and the money.

The dream is to have a small all age venue like Dr Drakes or the Market Bar, that could host these nights. But until then, its a case of hiring out wee 60 capacity halls in the town center, erecting a stage and throwing some bands on. *Martin from Deadloss can testify that our stage erecting sometimes isn't the best... but the rest of our promoting ethics are up to scratch!! The gigs will get promoted well, there will be a PA and additional required gear, there will payment for bands no matter what.

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Yeh after playing there two times it's obvious that Elgin does have a base of people that would go and see bands play.

Ocean do have poor recognition of the music scene there but they have been letting people hold shows there which is good.

Good luck with the project.

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Agreed, good luck with it all.

I especially love the fact that you're being honest as far as taking a cut to promote other things that are riskier. Hopefully such honesty will bring great rewards to all and all that :)

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