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korg microcontrol/microkorg synth


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Do any of you have one of these? I'm shopping for a new midi controller at the moment and the Microcontrol looks pretty attractive for the price.

Question is, if any of you have one, or the microkorg synth, are the smaller keys a real pain in the neck? I'm used to full size keys but have pretty slender fingers....

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Did you go for this? I love the look of the kontrol 49 (like the microkontrol 49, but with full size keys) I'd have to sell most my rig to pay for it but it looks like it could replace most of it....if it was an ASIO compatible audio interface aswell at the same price it would be the dogs doo-da's....but yeah...they look great, and there are lots of preset patches for most of the software/plugins out there, so a good investment I would imagine, helping you free yourself from your mouse.

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