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Pop-punk Band


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Guitarist and DrummerPop-punk Band

Hey all i am lookin to start a pop punk band

I am 21 and play bass and can do some vocals

influences and sound i'm goin for would be--- Blink, MXPX, NOFX, The starting line, Stayover, The Movielife........that kinda thing

I'm lookin for a drummer and a guitarist preferably who ca do vocals

get back to people

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Maybe if you told people something about yourself it might help. I dunno.

Well as i say i'm 21 and have been playing bass for about four years.

I write a lot of lyrics and i am always bursting with ideas, so i'm lookin for a guitarist and drummer who can help with the songwriting and with some of the vocals.

I've been looking to start this kind of band for a long time but the only thing i get offered is to join metal bands.

If anyone wants any more info just get in touch

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