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Thinkpol +support @The East Neuk 26/6/06


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"Towards the end of 2005 the popular underground rock band Howards Alias were on their last legs, singer/songwriter Matthew wanted to start a new band, he grouped together his brother Andrew to play the guitar and friends Nick to play bass and Rob to play the drum set, Thinkpol were born!

As heavy as they are poppy, as technical as they are simple and as thoughtful as they are fun-loving, Thinkpol are gearing up to unleash their unique brand of rock music on the world! "


Tauntra-Progressive Reggae at it's best with some heavier and poppy moments. www.myspace.com/tauntra

Juliet Kilo-Juliet Kilo formed in late 2004. Play ambient rock that tries to be intricate, yet honest in its approach. Influenced by many styles of music, Juliet Kilo's lyrics take influence from everything from renaissance to modernist and post-modernist writings.

Think At The Drive In mixed with Hundred Reasons.


Mistakes In Animation-Amazing accoustic duo from Surrey who take influence from bands such as biffy clyro, REM, radiohead, the promise ring, braid, mogwai, 65daysofstatic, nick drake, owen, bright eyes, sunny day real estate, death cab for cutie, stapleton, get cape. wear cape. fly, jonah matranga, dave house, oceansize. Be sure to catch them.



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