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Underflow presents: Bench, The Ads and Darkwater

Guest Callum, Underflow

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Guest Callum, Underflow

Underflow presents: Bench, The Ads, Darkwater and Dr Flaw


Underflow Presents:

(Wednesday 21st June doors at 8pm entry fee 4/3 NUS)

Bench http://www.myspace.com/longforgot

This Post Rock /Alternative band are a Underflow favourite due to their fantastic originality and the great atmosphere that they create.

There are rumours afoot however that unfortunately they may not be doing so many gigs in the future so make sure you catch one of Aberdeen's finest while you still can.

The Adshttp://www.myspace.com/theads

In keeping with our habit of bringing you the best of Glasgow's up & coming indie/rock bands we are delighted to welcome The Ads for their first Aberdeen show.

They have been described as "a raw and energetic breath of fresh air " by those in the know and "brilliant." by Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol.


A new diverse sound drawing on chunky guitar riffs, metal edges and electronic soundscapes - combine this with Rock and what you have is Darkwater, The latest female fronted Scottish Rock product are the foundation of a new movement in music delivering raw power and energy unheard of in years...

Dr Flawhttp://www.myspace.com/drflaw

After a two year break this Aberdeen indie/rock band are back to doing what they do best with a new line up.

I know it's the longest day of the year and spending your night in a tunnel is not waht you had in mind, but we promise you a great summer solstice experiance complete with visual displays of the sun setting and what with all the clouds Aberdeens sure to have you won't get to sse that anywhere else.

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Guest Callum, Underflow

We are very pleased to cofirm that Visual Dave (RnB music) will be doing the visuals for this event. So they should be every bit as good as the display we put on for the : ( / Viva Stereo gig that seemed to go down so well.

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