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Epiphone SG for sale. Cherry Red. Very good condition, I love it and can't believe I'm selling it, but I guess it's time for me to move on.

Also, I'm looking to part ways with my 7-string Ibanez (it's a very Ibanez shape and it's black) because I don't really play it anymore and I feel like it deserves to be in the possesion of someone who will play it. It's got a lil damage on the body, although it's overall in decent shape. You'll probably need to change the action or something on it cus it's not exactly playing like a dream just now, but that's just through neglect. I've barely used it to be honest.

Anyone interested?

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Bartered cash deal for SG


No offence, but I'll offer 180 cash for the SG without seeing it on the basis that it is defect free. Its for a present to a special person.

I can do the deal and give you the cash anytime.

Have you got a hard case or gig bag that we could haggle over seperately ?

PM me if this is of interest and appologies if the offer offends but ya don't get if ya don't ask.


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