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Metallica at rock am ring

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01. Creeping Death

02. Fuel

03. Wherever I May Roam

04. For Whom the Bell Tolls

05. Fade to Black

06. Battery

07. Master of Puppets

08. The Thing That Should Not Be

09. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

10. Disposable Heroes

11. Leper Messiah

12. Orion

13. Damage Inc.


14. Sad But True

15. Nothing Else Matters

16. One

17. Enter Sandman


18. Last Caress

19. Seek and Destroy

yup thats right

the whole of master of puppets played in the set

lucky german bastards 8-)

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oh well' date=' i have been told lies. my apologies.[/quote']

Indeed you have.

I'm disappointed in Lars on the live versions though - he doesn't play it properly. He makes it easy.


and i have a live mp3 of it

and fuck it sounds good

So do I dude :D

Apart from Lars making it nice and easy for himself, it sounds great!

The one I have is from the first time they ever did it live!

Why on earth did it take 16 (or 17, can't remember the tour date) years to play it?!

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