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Jeremy Warmsley + Support @ The Tunnels, Mon12June

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RFR and Vocoustics Prsents:


Support from Skirlin Burster from Black Sheep Music (Aberdeen Experimental Music Community http://www.aberdeen-music.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35432) + 1 more tbc

5 adv - Doors at 7:30pm.

"melody-mangled lo-fi and electronic beeps and blips ... electri-folky cacophany of sound, like being blasted in the face by Rufus Wainwright weilding a drum machine ... geeky, goofy torch-song charm, Jeremy Warmsley hits all the right soft spots"

NME (Oct 05 Live Review)

Jeremy Warmsley is a half-English, half-French singer-songwriter based in London who write songs in his head and proceeds to make them come out of a computer. Sometimes all instruments are played by himself, sometimes other people play the instruments, sometimes the instruments don't exist!

"original & outstanding"


A musical chameleon, his recorded output has progressed from simple acoustic arrangements to a full-band sound; now, he devises complex electronic worlds of sound that owe as much to Bjork and Brian Eno as they do to Bob Dylan. He gigs as a solo artist, using just a guitar and effects pedals to recreate the complicated atmospheres of his recordings, or stripping them back to reveal their underlying structure. As far as influences go, favorites include Tom Waits, Scott Walker, the Talking Heads, XTC, Four Tet and Aphex Twin.

"bursting with more potential than I've ever heard from an unsigned artist"


He has released two limited EPs on Transgressive Records - "5 Interesting Lies" and "Other People's Secrets"

"captivated me from start to finish"




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