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Dylan Moran - 15th June

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dylan moran

yeah i kno what you mean frosty (ps saw you coming into the hall but obviously couldnt get up and say hello) hope your good

i think the mic thing annoyed him but he was still very funny. 2nd half better than first id say. Encore was bit brief.

if you watch his dvd its pretty split between staright out gags in first half and his typical random mad humour in second. Last night was pretty much all mad humour and he made me laugh! Its probably the usual thing of artists and Aberdeen, its like they are kinda treating it like a warm up for somewhere else (i.e - morrissey not long ago).

Still, I managed to see one of my favourite comedian / performers, got a good seat and he did an hour and a half which is pretty good and for 15! So im happy.

Wasnt feeling so good today though after partying at Snafu afterwards.

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i thought he was pretty good last night, certainly made me laugh a lot. i see where you're coming from though, the mic thing was a pretty bad start for all concerned. dunno if it was just bad timing that the fault appeared just as they announced him or if they hadn't checked the mics properly before hand but it was a shame. in saying that, it's good to see unexpected things happen at comedy gigs as it keeps the comedian on their toes and lets you see how good they really are. dylan moran coped pretty well and still had us laughing so i guess that was a good thing! :)

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was far too short, thats my only ocmplaint, i just didn't want it ti end! the mic thing put him on his toes, but he coped well... wasnt as funny as the dvd, but still a very good show!


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