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Ringtones. And Bluey.??


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I've got a sound bite in japanese from Azumanga Diaoh for my ringtone which is adorable if you know the series but I'm told it's creepy as fuck if you don't. Scared the bejesus out the boy the other morning because it's my alarm tone as well :)

How much would I be for a bluetooth thingy so i can get my photos off my phone and onto my computer and so on?

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And; do you ever receive bluetooth from randoms up town etc? I think it's the baws.

I send random shit over bluetooth as a passtime on busses. Im 'T-bag' hehe :up:

Nothing beats sending random pictures to someone and suddenly hearing 'who the f*ck is t-bag?'.

FFAF - just as girl picks up the phone and says 'hello' onwards.

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