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next Arkade show...another eclectic line up!!

*just a note to say that this night will start later, dont be put off by the 10pm doors!! (due to venue being double booked :down: ) but not to worry...i'll be drafting in some superstar djs for inbetween and after the bands for that 'clubnight with bands' feel...think it'll work just dandy...its a saturday night after all!!! :cheers:

SINCABEZA (france)

brilliant trio from Bordeaux, who play a crazy mix of (mostly instrumental) math rock but with a jazz structure.. influenced by the likes of Don Caballero, Tortoise, Autechre, Deerhoof...i tried desperately to find some english reviews but i guess that will come after this first uk tour! i advise to just go check them out at www.myspace.com/sincabeza

MOHA (norway)

a killer pedigree duo consisting of Anders Hana; the 24 year old responsible for axe wielding in Jaga Jazzist, and the earth shaking Noxagt among others, and drummer Morton Olsen, who gets his sticks out for Ultralyd.

'imagine Lightning Bolt going back to the drawing board, reinventing themselves as a free jazz combo and playing a show with Wolf Eyes and you might have some idea of what to expect.. Moha! offer a kind of arhythmically funky heavy metal musique concrete, sourced from electric guitar, drums and a laptop, they crunch, roar, crash, burn and bleep through ten concise improvs with surgical precision. not for the fainthearted, but at high volume this is a gleeful, joyful noise worth experiencing. www.myspace.com/moha www.n-collective.com


first Arkade gig (didnt believe it myself!) for the mighty 'are they from edinburgh or aberdeen' SS...for those of you that dont know them, ive lifted this wee description straight from their myspace!! (well its gettin late ye know!!) www.myspace.com/staccatoset

'their sounds encompasses raunchy, down right dirty, blues with flashes of rock n roll, a tight punky rhythm section, obviously influenced by dance music grooves, fuzzy fender slide guitar, engaging narrative songs and captivating, soulful, Hawick-style vocals.'


again, probably needing no introduction...LRA have been described as everything from 'alt-country to acoustic-punk'..and have supported such diverse acts such as Sons & Daughters and Michael Marra. they were recently included in The Lists 'New Talent' pages of the '50 Best Scottish Bands of all Time' supplement and are hard at work recording their second album. www.myspace.com/lerenoamps

"Country-Punk with a smidgeon of Power-Pop. It's like the Everly Brothers teaming up with The Pixies, whilst Tom Waits and Weezer try and get a word in" Vic Galloway, 'Air' Radio Scotland.



DOORS 10pm


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