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X-Men 3: THe Last Stand **SPOILERS**

Hardcore Mel

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Saw it last night, it's OK, but probably the worst of the three movies. Overall it was still pretty good, and most of my quibbles are fan-boy...

Good stuff:

The Danger Room Scene (very reminiscent of 'Days of Future Past')

Wolvie in general - especially the fight with the Spyke/Marrow-style stooge

Kitty Pryde is ace, nice pink flashes on her uniform

Storm's powers have been max-ed out, she does ace stuff

Multiple Man's ruse

The adjustment of the the Dark Pheonix storyline is interesting

Iceman's groovey ice form

Beast was ace. Nice 619...and he says "Oh my stars and garters"

Magneto moving the Golden Gate Bridge was ace

*affects ridulous Scottish accent* Moira Mactaggert fae Muir Island

I repeat - SPOILERS...

Bad Stuff:

Prof X and Cyclops BOTH get killed off in the first half hour. Cyclop, IMO, is pretty integral to the X-Men, and you don't even get to see him die.

Juggernaut was SHIT SHIT SHIT

No Gambit

Rogue did fuck all

Colossus did fuck all

Mystique did fuck all

Angel did fuck all

Much more could've been made of Prof X's manipulation of Jean Grey's powers

Why make up characters for the film when there are literally thousands of minor villains to pick from the books?

Juggernaut is not a mutant, his powers come from the Cyttorak crystal - why did Leech's powers affect him?

No Juggernaut Vs Colossus fight!?

No Nightcrawler

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Guest b-bert

oh, i actually thought i was the best of the three movies.

i agree it was weird how little angel did, when he was introduced he seemed like he'd be a fairly important character.

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Well....I ENJOYED IT. I'm not a huge reader of the comics, although I could catch up over Summer..but even then I thought this was good. Obviously there were a few scenes that made me groan, so here is a plus and minus points list.


*The Comedy Moments - 'I'M THE JAUGGERNAUT BITCH!!'

*Storm kicking everyones ass with lightning


*Bobby turning into the Ice-Man proper. Take that and shove it up your fancy lighter sleeve Pyro

*Killing off Cyclops five minutes in. Scott Marsden buggs the fuck out of me

*The pure 'OMFG' scariness of The Phoenix in full RAGE mode, especially when she obliterates the Professors body.

*BEAST! He was ace!!


*Bobby and Kitty skating on the pond, barforama.

*The schmaltzy ending going on five minutes longer than it needed to when it should have ended with Wolverine clutching Jean's dead body.

*Magento/Mystique/Rogue (three of my favourite X-Men no doubt) being cured.

*Some of the dialogue was on par with Storm's toad/lightning scene from the first move.

*The fact that there were some scenes being played purely for the emotion that just didn't work in the hands of Brett Ratner.

Overall, a pretty good movie, not a touch on X-Men 2 which it could have been if Singer had remained in charge. Alas, it is a 3 star movie in the hands of Ratner. It's really enjoyable, but there's a slight twinge of ''this could have been a thousand times better than X-2 if Fox hadn't fucked up''.

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you know when prof x is teaching in the classroom and asks the students, whether it would be wrong to operate on the brain dead man in moira's lab? well at the end you see moira walking over to the person and prof x says "hello moira"

did you notice magneto slightly moving the chess piece with his powers at the end aswell?

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*The Comedy Moments - 'I'M THE JAUGGERNAUT BITCH!!'

The 'comic' moments were death, Vinnie Jones has no comic timing, and you were always waiting for some lame one-liner from Wolverine, they completely toned him down from the bad-ass he was in the second movie and made him a hokey character, as well as giving him very few decent action scenes. It reminded me of Moore-era Bond, and that's not in a complimentary way. In fact, none of the action scenes were great, and a lot of the effects weren't as good as they could have been.

The movie was disappointing, even given that I expected it to be disappointing. The fact that characters like Angel just seemed to be bunged in for the sake of it gave it a very fractured feel, hard to care much about any of it. The death of Phoenix was bollocks as well. There were a couple of really nice moments, but they just reminded me of how average the rest of the movie was.

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Guest onlynik
I've yet to see it but I still feel so bitter that Gambit never appeared in any of the films *sigh* he was my favourite character.

I wouldn't bother going to see it. Having watched 1 & 2 on Wednesday in preparation for this film I was left sad and dissapointed. Major charachetrs dying, favourite charachters not appearing, overall it was a pretty poor story told badly.

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I loved it, though not as good as the second film. No Gambit though, I grumble lots.

I loved:

Magneto: Glad to see him back on top form after a rather dissapointing X2. Completely missed him moving the chess piece though. Darnit.

Professor X's exit. Looked amazing, lots going on, looked amazing, was still a little bit devastated at his loss. Whimpers. Looked amazing though :p

Beast: Loved him. Absolutely and totally. "Oh my stars..."? Beautiful.

I did not love:

Juggernaught: Just shut up and smash things.

No Gambit: Think I've touched on this before. Ho hum

Angel: Now you see me, now you don't.

Iceman vs Pyro: It was cool, but was hoping to see more of a fight rather than just straightforward fire vs ice. Glad to see Iceman in proper, well, Iceman style.

Going to see film with a comic book geek. Who hated everything.

Just nitpicking:

Golden Gate raising. Magneto...dude...just hire a boat. And was it just me or did the scene just jump from daylight to night?

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Golden Gate raising. Magneto...dude...just hire a boat. And was it just me or did the scene just jump from daylight to night?

Yeah, saves on budget, let's not worry about how ridiculous it looks... also helps cover over the fact that they aren't that many people in the final scene, and is supposed to make it look more exciting. But doesn't.

Basically, I agree with pretty much everything Al said. There's moments you can see that it could have been a far better movie, perhaps aspects of the script that Singer had in mind. I guess we'll never know.

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Nyah, kinda uninspiring really. Didn't see the point of the Jean coming back to life at all, although I loved her hair and coat :) I was waiting for the film to get going and nothing really happened.

Way more could have been done with Leech or whatever the cure boy was called. He didn't feature much in it.

I'm fed up with mutants, especially the bad ones just going for the black leather look. They just looked like goths and it's pretty stereotypical to have the bad guys looking bad.

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