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Mdp Presents: Geneveive, 10 Easy Wishes, Tears Of Grace Friday June 2nd

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3 for three local bands on a friday night in drummonds???

fucking rip off

3 to see an albatross' date=' take a worm for a walk week, PVH and tsla in tunnels

fuckign bargain[/quote']

Totally different crowds going to both.

Stop being a big girls blouse.

Hope your gig sells well, hope this one does too.:up:

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£3 for a shameless cash in, what the fuck are you on about?! £3 for 3 bands(even 3 local bands) is still cheap as hell, and there is going to (hopefully) be a fourth band... just because we dont loose money and have to be subsidised by the council, doesnt mean we are ripping folk off.

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yes it does

ill put money (ha!) on it that 300 people+ go through the doors on friday night in drummonds and maybe 70 of them for the gig. i think you know thats true and probably the main reason you booked the gig as anyone would. but to still charge 3 is taking the mickey


Leave it dude, argueing with 16 year old kids doesn't make you look big or clever. Who cares really. Your opinion is noted, now on with the show.:up:

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not allowed to have a discussion these days are we??

Its not a discussion though, you're just picking on someone as you don't agree with what they've said. You could just leave it as the two of you disagree as to whether its over-priced or not, as i'm sure Ross will now.

I'm abivalent to the pricing structure myself, i'm just happy to play the gig.

10 Easy Wishes have a new song up on their myspace btw, go check it out its rather nice. It shall be a pleasure sharing the stage with them :)

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Hello everyone.

I think that if there are only 3 bands that we will be charging 2 pounds at the door.

We didn't put '+1 tbc' on the poster - sorry. maxi - please accept my sincerest appologies and don't sue me for obvious the distress this has caused you.

or something.

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