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Out Of Phase... Help?


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Hi, I'm trying to fix a phase problem with my guitar. I have a motherbucker and it has a 27.5k output. In the neck I have a GFS pickup which has an output of around 8k. The neck pickup seems to have more output and the motherbucker seems thin and weak in comparison. I've wired it up correctly, I just dunno where to go next.

Here's a diagram of the wiring I used


Please Help!

Note: The 4 coils are for the one pickup as the motherbucker is essentially two pickups in one

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Guest lime ruined my life

it sounds very much like its not wired up right then.

i don't know how much it's possible to help without seeing the wiring.

Is it weak sounding on it's own, or when the pickup selectors in the "in between" setting?

If the pickups definetly in the right configuration then maybe it's worth checking over the wiring at the switch.

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