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Muse play Meadowbank stadium 24th August

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'kin hell, muse. the 23rd just not good enough?

i can justify two days off for radiohead.

four days off for radiohead then muse? not so much.

Support is from My Chemical Romance.

haha' date=' really?

they're not [i']as bad as everyone makes out unless you're a musical snob.

nice and cheesy.

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I'll really fucking hate them then!!

well, i have no shame and have been caught singing and dancing to i'm not okaaay-eee-aaay-eee-ayy more than once. it is meaningless fun and that's not always a bad thing. :laughing:

i'm actually very tempted but for the fact that i'm taking a few days off in july and palehorse are playing on the 23rd in aberdeen. seeing all three would also involve more megabus-ing than any sane person could handle. dilemma!

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ahh, luckly i am going to see them at leeds a couple of days later anyway/ but this means i am missing palehorse in aberdeen cos i am in edinburgh after radiohead and then off to leeds.

that week is going to involve a lot of megabus fun i think.

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